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Razza77 is a typical variety of Italian rice-growing and is most interesting from a historical point of view. From its appearance at the end of the 1930s, it was appreciated for its culinary characteristics in the preparation of traditional risotto.

It was selected at the Institute of Vegetable Breeding of Bologna towards the end of the 30s crossing the American variety Lady Wright with the Italian variety Greppi and there was a progressive increase of cultivated surface in Italy soon exceeding 5.000 hectares.

Although the cultivation of this variety was difficult because of its susceptibility to fungus (once it ripens, the plant lies down on the ground because of the heavy seed heads making the harvest difficult), its peculiarities and characteristics made it a protagonist of the kitchen, so much so it is still cited today in many old recipe books.

In spite of these perfect characteristics and the appreciation of housewives of old, in the 70s the market law imposed more productive varieties of rice, which led to the gradual abandonment of Razza77 until its complete disappearance. The agricultural politics of those years in fact boosted farms production to the disadvantage of quality.

The glorious past of this variety has nevertheless remained in the memory of many people that for decades (from the 50s until halfway through the 70s) used to prepare the Sunday risotto for which only Razza77 could confer the correct creaminess and consistency.

The tradition

love for the rice

storia tradizione2

Razza77 represents rice-growing tradition, either as a variety of rice recognised by the Ministry of Alimentary, Forest, Agriculture and Politics, or as an ambassador of a territory permeated by tradition and rustic culture.

Today we rediscover and promote tradition

It is our task to appreciate and to broadcast this tradition as an integral part of our identity.

We opt in fact for a historical variety of rice that stood out for its quality from the 1900s to the 1970s and then disappeared because of changing demands in the industry. Our objective is to safeguard a typical variety of Italian rice growing, appreciating cultural expression in environmental production and the socioeconomic landscape of a territory. As a result, we are rediscovering and recovering the lost techniques of cultivation and working that have been in disuse since the mechanisation of agriculture and widespread use of chemical products. This does not mean we ignore innovation, on the contrary a constant support from technology is essential.

To reach our objective, we unite the competence and experience of families who for decades have dedicated their lives life to rice, as well as supporting and boosting the initiatives of the territory for the promotion of rice-growing and rustic culture.

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