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razza77 il riso

With Razza77 you can rediscover the taste of rice and of risotto, a unique taste with ancient undertones.

We have given life back to Razza77 to bring back it on to food lovers' tables and for gourmets in search of a unique and exclusive product.

Razza77 has a medium content of amylose that makes it ideal for risotto. The quantity of amylose and amylopectin in the starch, their solubility and structure contributes to the performance during the cooking process.
proprieta cottura razza77 1Rivista Mensile di Economia e Tecnica Risiera (monthly magazine) "II Riso N 1, Gennaio 1953, Anno Secondo

Razza77 vs Carnaroli.more of the vertices in the image are close to 1 (in bold) and the rice approaches on the "ideal" conditions even more.
proprieta cottura razza77

The exclusiveness of Razza77 begins with the seed and is then transmitted to the characteristics of the plant and, through a short period of production and transformation, onto plates to be appreciated by lovers of traditional taste.

The genetic properties of the Razza77, united with a rigorous selection and with the ancient methods of transformation, make it an ideal rice to guarantee the creaminess of traditional risotto.

Quality serving Tradition

Razza77 is a historical rice tied deeply to the territory.

As a result each phase of its production, from seed to the consumer, is checked and traced: the title historical variety of rice Razza77 imposes rigorous checks on us for the seeds we reproduce and select maintaining genetic purity.

We constantly monitor the cultivation in every phase: preparation of the ground and throughout the growth of the plant to crop. During these phases we follow a productive and sustainable agricultural practices that allow farmers' families to protect the land by adopting behaviour to protect the biodiversity and natural resources.

We dry and transform the rice with care, paying attention to the effects of cooking of the finished product. Therefore in the historical Hamburg transformation plant, whitening by stone has been reintroduced and is the only process able to supply the sought-after quality.

We oversee the production phases, distribution and sale because we want the experience of purchasing Razza77 to be direct and for it to become an occasion to tell about a territory and its rustic culture.

We have made then for a short and checked die, which guarantees complete traceability and transparency as a guarantee of quality to service and tradition.

separatore paddy
macchine amburgo lavorazione riso

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taglia (cm)  111,0
colore nodi verde
colore internodi verde
colore guaina verde
colore verde
 tipo intermedia
portamento semipendula
aristatura mutica
color apice apigmentato
colore carena/calotta apigementato
vellosità presente
peso 1000 semi (g) 41
lunghezza 6,50
rapporto lungh/largh 2,10
colore pericarpo bianco
Perlatura cristallino
Ciclo di stagione
Classificazione UE lungo A
Allettamento (scala 1-5) 4
Pyricluraria oryzae (scala 1-5) 3
Bypolaris oryzae (scala 1-5) 3




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