The exclusive quality of Razza77.


Since its appearance in the 30s, Razza77 has been one of the most interesting varieties of rice thanks to its properties.

The story


Razza77 is being grown today on the plains around Novara, a strip of land between Piedmont and Lombardy.

The territory


Razza77 lets you to discover the true taste of rice: authentic high quality and tied to Piedmont tradition.

properties of rice

The project

Keeping to the memory of traditional methods of drying Razza77 on our grandfather’s barnyard and of the hand selection of grains for cooking. We have decided to become promoters of its reintroduction and guardianship: we guarantee.

The project

About us.

Fabrizio Rizzotti

Fabrizio Rizzotti

Agricultural Entrepreneur

Fabrizio Rizzotti, is the head of the rice-growing company Riso Rizzotti of Cascina Fornace and he is taking the Razza77with project with great engagement and dedication encouraged not only by the wish to continue an ancient tradition, but he also has an authentic passion for this product and the territory.

Domenico Bernascone

Domenico Bernascone


The passion transmitted from his grandfather, who cultivated Razza77 in Tornaco in the 50s, led him to become a business agent and mediator in cereals in the 80s. The Razza77 project has let him honour the memory of his grandfather.

Silvio Nai Oleari

Silvio Nai Oleari

Agricultural Entrepreneur

He is a owner of the Nai Oleari Farm in Tornaco, a family company founded in the fifties and is now in its third generation of rice production. Nai Oleari, today is the guide of a "family of the rice" that operates in all of the Novara territory.


The recipes

Razza77 is the only rice, with a taste that is both familiar and surprising at the same time. The undisputed protagonist of risotto, it will conquer your palate with traditional recipes and the original taste.

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