The Project

the rebirth of a historical rice

progetto razza77

For years we have been keeping a special memory: the image of Razza77 put to dry on the barnyard of our grandfathers and selected by hand by our grandmothers for cooking.

We have decided to become then promoters and guardians of this reintroduction:


2014 razza77

We started a project with a handful of seeds kindly allowed by the Experimental Institute for Cereal growing Italian (CRA), with which we cultivated about 500m2 of ground in Tornaco. We manually treated a great part of the production phases including weeding, harvest and drying in the barnyard.


2015 razza77

Thanks to seed produced the preceding year, it has been possible to increase the cultivation and part of the produced rice has been destined for consumption. Right now, after decades of oblivion, Razza77 has finally returned to the table of those who remember it.


2016 razza77

The production has spread in Tornaco (with the help of the family Nai Oleari) and to Vespolate (with the family Rizzotti), involving new farmers interested in the project Razza77. Thanks to the engagement of Fabrizio Rizzotti, a traditional stone working process with Hamburg machines was introduced in 2017.


2018 razza77

The marketing of Razza77 begins. Thanks to a Ministry of Forest, Politics and Agricultural decree of on October 31 Razza77 was enrolled on the register of the conservation varieties (code SIAN 18699) today we are the only people responsible for the conservation in purity of the seed. This last statement represents a responsibility to a variety that it has contributed to the history of Italian rice-growing.


2018 Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali

In May 2018 was born "Risicultori di Razza", in October Razza77 è has been listed in Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali (Traditional agricultural products) (PAT) of Piedmont.

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