Per quattro persone:

  • 320 g of rice Race77
  • 4/5 cruschi peppers
  • 350 g of stockfish
  • Ingredients for vegetable broth
  • Oliv oil as much as needed
  • To the circumstance salt / pepper

peperoni cruschiPreparation:

Prepare the vegetable broth. Prepare the stockfish in a pan. Brown the onion lightly in a baking-pan with a little oil and add part of the oil of the stockfish. Pour the rice into the baking-pan, add a little vegetable broth. Add 1 or 2 peppers stamens and put them into the rice and cook together.

Halfway through cooking the rice add about half of the stockfish and continue cooking.

Place the remaining paprika stamens in the oil for a few minutes ,add the remaining stockfish and paprika stamens cooked in the oil.

Season with pepper or ground paprika stamens and a drizzle of olive oil.

Simple recipe and excellent taste.

risotto peperoni cruschi baccala






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